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Creating Initiatives and Epics in Jira

Hierarchy & Grouping in the Roadmap View

This guide helps you group epics together in a roadmap view, so you can see layers of what’s going on for each team in Velma’s Roadmap View

How To: Creating Initiatives & Epics


  • Epic (sometimes called Deliverable): an engineering epic that represents small milestones
  • Initiative: a high-level epic that ties multiple deliverables together

For Jira Advanced Roadmap Users

If you have Jira Advanced Roadmaps, you can also follow instructions on how to set up an initiative hierarchy here

  • For this to work properly, make sure Velma is also an "Advanced Roadmap" user

Otherwise, follow the remaining documentation on this page

Create a new issue type and mark it as an “initiative”

  • On the left-hand panel, click on “Project Settings” at the very bottom
  • Click on “Issue types” in the new left-hand panel
  • Click on “Actions” > “Edit issue types” in the right-hand corner
  • Click on “Add issue type” in the right-hand corner, and create one named “Initiative”.
  • Make sure “Standard Issue Type” is checked 
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

Creating a new linking type, "split to"

  • Follow the steps here to create a new linking type. If you still can’t find the settings to modify issue linking, try this link
  • Create the new type with fields filled out like below:

Creating an Epic

Add Epics to an Initiative

  • Create an issue using the large “+” in the top nav bar
  • Select “Initiative” as the Issue Type
  • Under “Linked Issues”, select “split to” and then add all the epics you’d like to nest under the initiative
  • Click “Link”