Quick-Filters: All My Work

All work that I'm a part of / pertains to me

This allows you to see the projects that are most relevant to you, all in one place. That way you can track progress, dependencies, major risks, and updates without having to click into multiple tools or pages.

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How to Set Up This View

  • Find the field that's most relevant to your role for projects. This is dependent on how your company is set up and the granularity at which fields are filled out on Jira. Sometimes this may be a field specific to you as an individual (Project Manager, Product Manager, Assignee, Stakeholder), and sometimes this may be a field relevant to the team you're on (Team Board, Component).
  • You may want to create additional subdivisions of filters if there are different use-cases or conversations you would have. For example, if your work is captured in the "Team Board" field, but you may want to talk about different projects on your team based on the "Stakeholder" you're talking to - you may want to create a filter per Stakeholder for everything on your Team Board.


In the following example, my team is "Data Science" and I often have to have conversations with "Justin Curhan" who is a stakeholder from our GTM team. So I will set up a saved filter specifically for this use-case: 

Now when I have a meeting with Justin, I can pull up this saved filter and be fully informed on the state of my projects as well as all the other teams contributing to the overall project that he cares about.

Questions to Ask

  • Is anything my team is currently working on not represented here?
  • Is everything here a representation of what my team and I are currently doing? What do I need to change?
  • Am I and is my team prioritizing our work correctly? Are we progressing on and finishing our work in the right priority order? 
  • What are the biggest risks and dependencies I need to be aware of in my work? 
  • What are the major updates on my team I should make sure others are aware of?