A Crystal Ball
for Leadership™

Velma is a superhuman brain that sits in the middle of your existing tools. She gives you data-backed visibility while your teams have full autonomy.
Garbage in, gold out.
Velma is delivering outcomes for 100+ teams including

No more surprises

Velma automatically tracks project health and flags risks for leaders - early.

Our ML cuts through the noise and provides personalized updates so you don't have to rely on spreadsheets or meetings.

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Velma integrates into your existing workflows

You have enough tools already - we know.

She manages projects and sends updates and alerts directly through the tools you already use.

Different workflows across teams? No problem! Velma's AI natively understands every workflow and rolls it up into a holistic and meaningful view, without any workflow changes from the team.

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Don't just take our word for it

Velma gives leadership ground-truth visibility with no manual effort. She manages the noise so I can manage the reality of many projects across teams.

There are plenty of tools that just report; Velma gives data-backed opinions.

Lindsey Bell
Head of R&D Operations, Foursquare

HOLY S***.

This is exactly the level of information I expect. The team didn’t do anything different from their workflows for this entire report to be generated?

I'm emotionally compelled to buy Velma

Cathy Bergstrom
VP of Product, NextRoll

Without Velma, we only have 20% coverage of our projects.

Velma saves us 600 days and gives us true project status on 100% of our projects.

Ousmane G.
Head of Delivery Operations, Global Fintech Company

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