Put Product Ops on autopilot

Automatically coordinate the whole company on product delivery
with a superhuman project manager
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No more surprises

Velma automatically tracks project health and flags risks for leaders - early.

Our ML cuts through the noise and provides personalized updates so you don't have to rely on spreadsheets or meetings.

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Velma integrates into your existing workflows

You have enough tools already - we know.

She manages projects and sends updates and alerts directly through the tools you already use.

Different workflows across teams? No problem! Velma's AI natively understands every workflow and rolls it up into a holistic and meaningful view, without any workflow changes from the team.

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"Velma lets my team focus on doing what they do best - being great product teams and not stakeholder managers."

Sam Weaver
VP of Product, Unqork

"If I didn't have Velma, I would have to make the case to hire 3-4 people under me because this is impossible to do with just one person."

Melissa Marks
Product Operations Manager, VideoAmp

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