We're dedicated to reinventing how software teams coordinate

Because companies have to suffer way too many meetings, and Scrum is from the 90s.

About Us

The founders, Lisa Jiang and Justin Curhan, are Penn alum. They have over 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS.

Lisa has led Machine Learning teams at ASAPP, and Justin was President’s Club in Sales at Bluecore.

At Velma, we love the thrill of unsolved problems and get energized when entering new territory. We're anchored on finding the right balance between intensity and empathy. We make big bets with our customers in mind. We hold each other accountable but know when to make exceptions. We make tough decisions with honesty and transparency.

Our Values

Move forward at breakneck speed with unwavering determination.
Consider how your actions affect others.
Optimize for the longterm success of our company.

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