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ProdOps Fireside: Chat Series 2

Christine Itwaru (Pendo) & Diana Soler (Assent)

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Justin Curhan
ProdOps Fireside: Chat Series 2

Back by popular demand, Velma hosted a ProdOps fireside chat with guest speakers Christine Itwaru, Head of Product Operations at, and Diana Soler, Head of Product Operations at Assent.

We skipped the typical "What is ProdOps?" and immediately got tactical with an intimate group of other ProdOps, EngOps, PMO, and EPD leaders to share actionable strategies for ProdOps in 2023.

Christine and Diana answered:

1. 2023 is about profitability - what does this mean for ProdOps as a function and the mission of Product?

2. How to be more effective with your existing team (and your time) in the current environment?

3. Execs are under a lot of pressure - what’s the most painful part and biggest opportunity for improvement in keeping stakeholders informed?

4. With the economic downturn, when and why is the ProdOps role a need to have vs. nice to have?

Watch the full conversation and Q&A below!