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ProdOps Fireside: Chat Series 1

Christine Itwaru of Pendo

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Justin Curhan
ProdOps Fireside: Chat Series 1

Velma hosted an intimate group of Product, Engineering, and Ops leaders for a fireside chat and Q&A with Christine Itwaru, Head of Product Operations at Pendo. Christine started at Pendo as Director of Product before recognizing the need for and building out the Product Operations org, where she led the team through hypergrowth over the last 4 years. She’s a featured speaker at Product School and a published voice in Product Operations.

Christine answered:

1. How can ProdOps help along the revenue process and increase efficiencies in today's changing product space?

2. How to give leadership visibility and predictability without taking away teams' autonomy?

3. What she wishes she knew at 500 employees now that they’re at 1,000?

4. Q&A questions

Watch the full conversation and Q&A below!