AI Generated Team & Project Summaries

Instead of trying to make sense of a mix of data and numbers, let Velma's AI summarize what's going on in a project or team for you. Our AI contextualizes all the risks, changes, and progress over time to give you a few easy-to-digest sentences of what's actually going on. It can then summarize the most important project highlights across teams. Below, we'll show you how Velma's summarizations work through a few powerful examples.

Project-Level Summaries

The AI Summary column, highlighted in red, is the perfect starting point to understand how all this fits together for the Admin Messaging Dashboard project. Velma has consolidated updates that the team has given over Slack, velocity of work over time, what has been planned into a sprint, and how progress has changed week over week.

Team-Level Summaries

Similarly, Velma has consolidated all these updates across epics and initiatives to give highlights about what the team has been focused on and how it has been going.

Team and Project Rollup

Below is a full example from a company (data is anonymized of course!). They use it to see quick highlights of what's going on across teams. Then, they can easily step through work in the order that matters most to leadership. The AI summaries contextualize the information, but all the relevant data is available if leaders need to drill down.