Cross-Team Dashboard

This feature allows you to display the highest priority, most relevant content across all teams, and easily get to the details that are most important.

This is the main summary screen that aggregates project information across all teams.

The top will show a list of the currently applied filters.
Underneath the filters and option menus, there is a summary section that displays status and workflow progress of all your highest level project information. For example, if you have information grouped at the initiative level, then it'll display project status and workflow status of all initiatives. If you only have information grouped at the epic level, then it'll display the same aggregated at the epic level.
Below the summary, you will see all the details of the highest level grouping for your teams (either initiatives or epics).

You can expand and collapse each section by clicking on the arrows to the left of each item. You can drill down to see content specific to the initiative, epic, and the issue.

Filters can also be used and saved to get to the specific team, workflow, stakeholder - any field - that you're interested in. For fields that have a lot of options, we've enabled searchable filters. So feel free to start typing to find what you're searching for. More on Filtering >> 

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