Displaying Initiatives and Epics in Velma

How To: Show Initiatives & Epics

The following epics will show up in the Roadmap view:

Epics need to be a status that is a “To Do” or “In Progress” type on Jira (e.g. Needs Triage, In Development). Currently, we filter out all “Done” type statuses (e.g. Released).

The following custom filters were created for <CLIENT> by field. All deliverables with these field values will be included. If an initiative has these field values, all deliverables under them will be included as well:



Deliverable Type

  • Roadmap Initiative
  • Client Commitment
  • SA Commitment 
  • Marketplace Commitment

We enable epics by board, and the following are boards are enabled for <CLIENT>

The following custom statuses for <CLIENT> are also filtered out:

  • Removed
  • Done
  • GA
  • Not Doing
  • Paused
  • Closed
  • Released
  • Launched

The view currently shows epics in flight, which means that all epics need to have a ticket in an active sprint.

  • Note: Right now, if it’s past the end date of a sprint but the new sprint hasn’t started, epics related to those sprints won’t show up. We’re in the process of changing this so that this is no longer a requirement, and it’ll show epics that match the above criteria