AI Project Summaries and Jira Assistant

Tired of writing weekly status updates or making updates on Jira? We've updated Velma to be your AI Jira assistant. She'll generate summaries and make changes on Jira based on your messages to her.

Make Updates with Natural Language

Write quick notes to Velma about what's going on with work / team members / projects. No full sentences necessary - just keywords. Even write updates you'd like to make on Jira. At the end of every day, Velma will analyze your messages to make changes and summarize information.

Content for the Weekly Summary

If you include any contextual changes that can't be found on Jira, Velma will connect them to any relevant information on Jira to generate summaries for the week.

Automated Jira Updates

As long as you include keywords that can uniquely identify which issues, epics, or initiatives to update, Velma will add context and make changes to Jira to reflect your updates.

Now Live!

You can add Velma to project channels to automatically include conversations from that channel in Velma's weekly summaries and Jira updates.

How It Works

Since this is our first release, we want to make sure Velma makes the right changes and the summaries are reliable. We have our Quality Team review all generated content before it gets published to your teams. Here's how it works!

  1. At the end of every day, Velma processes all your messages. She generates a list of Jira updates that she will make and the latest weekly summary.
  2. Our Quality Team will then review the list of Jira updates to reject ones that are ambiguous. Velma will only make changes on Jira that have been accepted by the Team. The Team will also review the latest weekly summary to make sure the changes are relevant.
  3. Then, the Quality Team will review any messages that Velma was not able to match correctly to actions or summaries. Any sensitive information will be cleaned from this, and it will be used to train the model to recognize them in the future.
  4. You will receive a list of any messages that Velma and the Quality Team could not be match to actions or could not be summarized correctly.