Project Insights: How to Dig Deeper

This guide goes through some common workflows that can be used to contextualize and understand the information in the Velma Insights. Please read through our introduction to Velma Insights to get a sense of what each insight is, how it's calculated, and where you can find it.

The Purpose of Insights

The goal of Velma Insights is to proactively detect work that may contain risks as early as possible. Velma triggers and guides important project conversations. The project status and projected finish dates will help you prioritize what information to look at first. The Risks, Progress, Changes, and other insight drill-downs will give you as much context as possible about how work has completed in the past and how it's trending in the present and future. This information can then be weaved together to help you ask the right questions and make informed decisions.

The Most Common Workflows

Below we've outlined common workflows at different altitudes of the company starting with the highest level project (whether those are legends, initiatives, or epics for your company). Typically, different folks within the organization are responsible for understanding work at each level of granularity with some overlap in between, so feel free to mix and match whatever subset of workflows best fits what you care about:

Prioritizing what to look at

What's happening? What do I know and what do I NOT know?

  • Understanding project status at the very top-level [Coming Soon]
  • Understanding when to drill-down and what to drill into [Coming Soon]
  • Breaking apart information at the team and issue level [Coming Soon]

What should I do next? 

  • [Coming Soon]

Click into each of the above to understand typical scenarios at each altitude as well as the most common next steps.