Quick-Filters: All Projects In Progress

All projects that are currently being worked on across all teams

This is a view of everything "in flight" at the company. This view helps you stay aware of everything in the pipeline, especially work on other teams that could impact yours.

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How to Set Up This View

  • Choose the level at which you want to see work in progress. This is typically at either the "initiative" or the "epic" level
  • Select the appropriate level in the filters under "Apply To"
  • Then under "Workflow Status" select the statuses that represent "In Progress" - either by selecting each status individually or selecting the higher level "In Progress" Status Category


In the following example, we are choosing to view all epics in progress

This results in the following initiatives and epics underneath them:

Because we selected "Epics" as the primary level we care about, we're ignoring the statuses in the parents above the epics. So that even if the parent workflow status is in "Backlog" or "On Hold", they will still show up if there are any children epics in progress. This allows us to catch situations where the parent may be outdated, and the work has already started.

In this example, the second parent project is in "Backlog", but we can see that there is a child epic clearly in progress. We can see 17% of the issues / stories underneath that epic are also in progress, and 50% are already complete.

Questions to Ask

  • Is there anything that is in progress that shouldn't be?
  • Is there anything NOT in progress that should be?
  • Are the dependencies I need for my team being worked on and progressing enough to unblock me in the future? Are the other teams I'm relying on split between a few priorities that I need to be aware of? 
  • Is there anything progressing faster or slower than I would expect? Do I need to change anything as a result of this?
  • How does my team's work ladder up to what everyone else in the company is working on? Do I have to reprioritize anything based on the other work I see?
  • Does any of this work look like it's duplicated? Are there areas we can optimize and combine projects?