Quick-Filters: Team Reported Risks

Reported by my team: all work that is "At Risk" or "Off Track"

This view will allow you to look at projects that team leads have already reviewed and confirmed are "At Risk" (slight, potential delay) or "Off Track" (likely significant delay). These are projects that would need help to complete on time. This is dependent on the field that is filled in by the team lead or project / product manager on the project to signify the confirmed status AFTER reviewing progress, Velma insights, risks, and having follow-up conversations with the rest of the team.

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How to Set Up This View

  • Find the field that the team leads use to confirm project status (Project Status, Risk, On Track For End of Quarter, etc). Select the filter options that signify "At Risk" or "Off Track"
  • Select any other filters for the subset of At Risk or Off Track projects I care about, whether it's for a specific team or for a specific delivery timeframe


In this example, I'm selecting everything my team has reported as "At Risk" or "Off Track" as well as the quarters I care about, Q1 and Q2 of this year.

Based on this, I see a list of the 6 projects I should be concerned about for the current and upcoming quarters. For most of them, I can read about what I can help with or what's currently being done in the "Blockers & Steps Taken to Resolve At Risk Feature", but for two of them I will have to follow up with the team to understand if there are any mitigation steps I can take.

If I look at the "Progress" column, I also noticed that for two of the projects work has not even started yet. These would be good projects to decide whether we should wait until the following quarter so that we can devote engineers to the other projects Off Track and get them back On Track before starting something new.

Questions to Ask

  • What are the major items blocking or slowing down this delivery? Is there anything I can help with? Is there someone else who should know about this and could help?
  • How would I prioritize the list of projects that are At Risk or Off Track? Are there any that absolutely need to be on time? 
  • Should I reprioritize any of the engineers so that at least a subset of the delayed projects can complete on time? Should any of these projects be proactively pushed to the following quarter or half?
  • For projects that are "At Risk" - is there something we can easily do to tip the scale so it's back on track?
  • For projects that are "Off Track" - is there a way we can reprioritize this project or other projects in order to deliver this project on time?
  • What caused these projects to be behind? Is there anything we can learn from for the next quarter or half?