Getting Started with Velma

Velma helps you execute on your roadmap. She's your partner in maintaining visibility across all your teams even if they all work in different ways. Once you've planned your roadmap, Velma ensures your teams are working on the right priorities and notifies you when those priorities change or if there are major risks.

There are three main areas that we focus on:

  • Executive Summary of Highest Priority Projects
  • Automated Project Insights
  • Platform-agnostic Reporting

Executive Summary of Highest Priority Projects

Use our value-to-cost analysis to make critical project decisions based on potential ROI. Ensure that you're always aligning your top priorities with business outcomes and have a full grasp of how much is actually getting invested in your projects.
See organizational execution at 50,000 and 100,000 feet. Understand risk across teams, themes, or initiatives in a summarized way without worrying about the details. Dive into Executive Views.

Automated Project Insights

Get a 1-2 sentence overview of any project or team using Velma's new AI Generated Summaries.
See Velma-detected changes and potential risks without relying on manual reporting. Understand what you should keep an eye on and what might be causing issues, automagically. Dive into Project Insight

Platform-agnostic Reporting

Communicate with stakeholders right in their inbox or on Slack - no new tools or platforms. If they want to drill into the details, we support multiple types of SSO - so no new logins to keep track of.