Quick-Filters: Velma Flagged Risks

Velma Insights: work flagged as "At Risk" or "Off Track"

This view is targeted at project leads and allows users to look at projects the team may not have noticed is falling behind. However, based on previous history as well as how the project has completed so far, Velma has flagged these projects as "At Risk" (slight, potential delay) or "Off Track" (likely significant delay). This will allow the team to make adjustments as early as possible - at the most impactful time to save a project.

These projects still need to be vetted by the team lead / project manager / product manager. The team should review the risks, projected finish, and how the work is tracking. They will need to ensure their data is correct and also indicate if there will be major changes that will improve the trajectory of the project (adding additional engineers, reducing scope, etc) to keep it from being delayed.

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How to Set Up This View

  • Under "Velma Insights" at the very bottom of the filter, select "At Risk" and "Not On Track"
  • Select any other filters for the subset of At Risk or Off Track projects you care about, whether it's for a specific team or for a specific delivery timeframe


In this example, I'm selecting the the "At Risk" and "Not On Track" Velma Insights as well as the quarters I care about, Q1 and Q2 of this year. To get even more specific, I'm also selecting the projects that my team has NOT YET flagged by picking "Not Set" and "On Track" from the team reported project status (On Track For End of Quarter).

I've also made sure to turn on Velma Insight columns by clicking "Show Insights" under "Options" in the upper right-hand corner of my screen

Now I can do a side-by-side comparison of what the team has reported, along with what the most likely status and projected finish insights are based on completion so far. The project status set by the team is the "On Track For End of Quarter" column on the left, and the automatic Velma Insights column is the blue "Project Status" column on the right. I see that a couple of the statuses were not set for these epics, which will mean I will at least need to follow up with the team to understand whether they agree with the Velma Insights and can give an update on mitigation steps.

I can also begin to review the remaining Velma Insights columns in blue as well as dig into additional information to understand the best questions I should be asking the team and where I could potentially help out. Please read our detailed guide on recommended workflows for Velma Insights to understand and contextualize these predictions.

For example, a few things that I will need to follow up on: it looks like the "Due Date" for a couple of these epics are before the current date, so I will need to get the latest due dates from the 2 teams with outdated dates. It also looks like the second Epic has an unusually high number of dependencies (16) as well as a high, recent scope increase based on the "Risks" column. These are two major items that will need to be discussed to understand their impact on delivery.

Questions to Ask

  • Are my teams aware of these risks? Have they already reviewed the insights to determine the best course of action?
  • What behavior will change in order to ensure the current trend that Velma is detecting will not continue? Will we be adding additional engineers? Will we be spending a larger proportion of our time on these projects in the upcoming weeks?
  • Is the data accurately reflecting how the team is working? 
  • Have I gone through the Velma Insight workflows to make sure I'm well informed of the current state of the project?